Fashion School: Accreditate your program

Fashion Federation opened the first worldwide diploma accreditation program on Fashion Education.

All diplomas around the world can be co-signed and certified now by the Fashion Federation under the French and European laws of Education.

Accrediting is a standardize process.

Our official review board, known as “Commission Bonaparte”, can grant your school after it has met specific requirements.

Why accrediting my fashion program with Fashion Federation?

Fashion Federation certification assures the quality and conformity of higher education institutions and programs worldwide.  Being accredited offers institutions, individuals (and by and large external stakeholders) many benefits.

Main Benefits for Accredited Institutions: 

  • Credibility and prestige
  • Higher demand for admission
  • Superior visibility for external institution stakeholders
  • International recognition of institution and programs
  • Encourages faculty and student exchange
  • Provides a sense of pride within the institution
  • Conformity with the Bologna Process
  • Makes permanent improvement and innovation easier by joining our network

Main Benefits for Individuals:

  • Increased recognition of achievement
  • Enhance international career outcomes
  • Higher levels of education
  • Transferable earned credits
  • Mobility is facilitated, jobs can be found easier at an international level
  • Credibility and prestige
  • Provides a sense of authority
  • Career booster and academic facilitator

How to get your Fashion Federation certification?

Fashion Federation certification either applies to your entire institution or its parts dedicated to fashion education (school, university, etc.).

When activities of your institution cover other sectors (like ingeneering or social sciences), the certification is focused on fashion part.

Of course, when validated, the certification applies to the different programs, departments, or units related to fashion in the institution.

In order to get the certification, two steps are necessary.

Step 1:  in order to make sure the institution meets the Fashion Federation accreditation standards, the institution prepares a comprehensively self-evaluation study that measures its performance.

Step 2: we schedule together a site visit to determine eligibility for candidacy status.

Step 3: Fashion Federation certification board (Commission Bonaparte) meet in Paris. If the your educational program meets the standards, the institution gets certified.

Thank you for contacting us (by email:, or by phone: +33 6 30 23 09 74 ) for further assistance.